Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday, 20 Feb. 2008

Paolo is out tonight. No, he's not playing his usual Wednesday night basketball but instead his basketball-mate (is there such a term?) invited him to watch the Sta. Lucia-Purefoods match-up at Araneta. So here I am again with a lot of free (and uniterrupted) time to blog away. I just have to tune in to the game coz sabi nya, I have to watch daw at baka ipakita sya.. haha! hirap talaga may asawa na vain!

So, here's how my day went and some random thoughts...
  • My brewed coffee (from Mcdo - cheap! hehe) this morning made me dizzy. I dunno why. Is it because it was too strong?
  • Since I was dizzy, I had no appetite for lunch. It was good since I need to lose some weight
  • My Mom-in-law told me that I need to give her my payment for our plane tickets going to US by Friday. I hope the Peso will continue to soar in the next 2 days.. Go GMA!! hehe
  • I had my dose of dessert this evening. I indulged in a slice of banoffee pie from Red Ribbon.. Mmmmmm.. YUMMY!!!
  • Why is it that my picture or headshot looks strange? Pangit ng pixels dito sa blogger. Mas maganda yung sa wordpress..
  • I have to buy a nice thick jacket for the cold weather in Palm Springs and San Francisco since that will be in our itinerary on our upcoming trip to US this March. Last time we checked, there's still snow in PS.
  • Posted a reply in N@W regarding places to shop in Hong Kong. I suddenly wanted to go back there. Paolo and I are in love with HK. If we could choose a country to move to, that will definitely be our top choice. Next would be Singapore.
  • Speaking of Singapore, sarap ng chicken hainanese and those dimsum with soup inside from that resto inside Takashimaya Mall. What's the name of that resto again?
  • Leah from N@W left a comment on my previous post and she mentioned about monetizing my blog. Hmmmm.. it really sounds so interesting? Do you really earn a lot from it? I think I may consider it.

Ooops! E! News is already starting.. Bye for now!!