Friday, February 29, 2008

Quirky Habits

Wow, my first ever tag. Thanks Leah

The rules: Link to the person that tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share six un-important things/habits/quirks about your self. Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Let these random people know that they are tagged by leaving comments in their blog. Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

Six Random unimportant things/habits/quirks about myself:
1) I need to fix our bed sheet before I sleep. It has to be super pantay, no crumples and loose ends. Much like how a hotel bed feels like.
2) I have to go to the bathroom to pee at least twice before I go to sleep otherwise I will wake up in the middle of the night for another trip to the bathroom.
3) I remove all my jewelries and watch as soon as I get home
4) During weekdays, I can go out of our house (going to work) with my hair still dripping wet. I'm a low maintenance girl..
5) When I buy my toiletries and other groceries, I always end up buying chocolates that are in the shelves by the counter.
6) I have 3 slippers in the house. One for the bedroom, one for the bathroom and one for around the house.

Since I'm new to this blog community.. I will tag some random people:
Nikki, Kitts, Kelly, Kathycot, Joey, Jane

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy, Excited, Nervous, Sad

Already paid for our airline tickets for our US trip. We're leaving on March 25 but might move it earlier to Marh 23. Gulo di ba? hehe.. but for me, the earlier, the better. Kung pwede nga lang sa holy week na eh kasi ganun din yun di ba.. but we have to follow a schedule kasi.

Since we're all set for our US trip, I'm soooooo excited to go shopping. I wanna see if I could afford some pieces from Kitson since I always watch it on E! News. Then for my cheap thrills: Forever21 and Wetseal. I'm also looking forward to H&M and Nordstrom Rack. And for the most exciting shopping experience, OUTLET STORES for brands like Ralph Lauren, Coach, Nine West just to name a few.

Could this be it??.... Are these the signs??...

These are just some of the questions that are in my mind. I won't divulge any info yet since baka maudlot but I really hope this one is for real na.

Got an email from Monette to break the news to us that Jill will be moving from Singapore to Canada. She's going to be so so far away. Unlike when she was still in Singapore where sometimes she would spend the long weekend here whenever she gets a break from work. Now, it'll be longer, harder and more expensive for her to come home. But I'm still happy for her coz that was what she always wanted (according to her email). So now, we're preparing for her despedida this Sunday.

Sobrang mixed emotions ako today....

Monday, February 25, 2008

On Gossip Girl

This is the series that has been keeping me busy for the past two weekends. And as promised, here's why its my current favorite series.

  • This is like Cruel Intentions (the original one with Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Michelle Gellar) meets The OC.
  • The story takes place in an elite Private/Prep School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan New York.
  • Its mainly about teenagers with very rich parents who love to party and at the same time struggling with their own family trials.
  • The character of Gossip Girl is just a voice over. Meaning, its unknown and she's like the narrator of every episode. And her tagline: "Your one and only source into scandalous lives of Manhattan's Elite"
  • The story mainly revolves around these two girls: Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf.
  • Then there are the boys that Serena and Blair are involved with: Dan Humphrey - Serena's boyfriend, Nate Archibald - Blair's boyfriend who also got involved with Serena and Chuck Bass - the one who wants to mess around with Blair and Serena.
  • Lastly, there's Jenny Humphrey, Dan's younger sister who's kinda desperate to get into the elite crowd of Blair.
  • The story also revolves around the parents/families of these kids. They each have their own issues that they are struggling with.

I won't go into the details of the story so that you'll also be hooked like I am. Their second season will air on April 21. I highly highly recommend this series. So what are you waiting for? Grab your own copy from your suking DVD seller!! ;)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Long Weekend

Yey! Its another long weekend and this means more time to blog, watch tv and sleep. So, how was my Saturday night? Hmmm.. I didn't go out with my friends. We were supposed to set a dinner so that Monette could give out her wedding invites but she just mailed it instead. I think a lot of us have plans already for the weekend kaya it didn't push through.

Anyway, we just had lunch at Saisaki yesterday. I was really looking forward to it since I was craving for their temaki and gyusaikoro steak. Paolo was teasing me that baka daw naglilihi na ko since I was unusually matakaw.. Well I hope this is it! But I'm still not expecting. It really breaks out heart everytime I get my period or we would have negative result in pregnancy tests.

After lunch, we went to Greenhills to have his phone unlocked. Globe gave him a phone for their loyalty program meaning he would be tied again to the plan for another 2 years. Unfortunately, the wala pang unlocking program for that particular model (its a Nokia). I, on the other hand was still looking for another pair of shades. I prefer a big, plastic one - very Jackie O, and my favorite brand is Gucci. I saw this pair with the horsebit logo with swarovski crystals on the temple and with black/gray gradient lense.. It was really to die for! But it was way beyond my budget! And then there was this Fendi pair which was 1/3 of the price of Gucci. It was a little bit bigger than the Gucci. Paolo likes the Gucci pair more than the Fendi one. I have to think it over and over if its worth splurging again into another pair of Gucci. I guess I still want to explore my choices meaning check out other malls.. hehe

We had our usual anticipated Saturday mass. Paolo had a game that night at Club 650 in Libis (Ateneo Basketball League). I decided to catch up on Gossip Girl. The DVD that Paolo bought for me was lacking 3 episodes to complete the first season. I decided to download the last 3 episodes from BitCommet. Since I was not able to burn it to a DVD copy, I just watched it sa laptop. I'll talk about Gossip Girl in a separate entry.. I just love the series.. Very OC! hehe

So there, that was how I spent my Saturday. I have to catch up now with CSI on AXN...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday, 20 Feb. 2008

Paolo is out tonight. No, he's not playing his usual Wednesday night basketball but instead his basketball-mate (is there such a term?) invited him to watch the Sta. Lucia-Purefoods match-up at Araneta. So here I am again with a lot of free (and uniterrupted) time to blog away. I just have to tune in to the game coz sabi nya, I have to watch daw at baka ipakita sya.. haha! hirap talaga may asawa na vain!

So, here's how my day went and some random thoughts...
  • My brewed coffee (from Mcdo - cheap! hehe) this morning made me dizzy. I dunno why. Is it because it was too strong?
  • Since I was dizzy, I had no appetite for lunch. It was good since I need to lose some weight
  • My Mom-in-law told me that I need to give her my payment for our plane tickets going to US by Friday. I hope the Peso will continue to soar in the next 2 days.. Go GMA!! hehe
  • I had my dose of dessert this evening. I indulged in a slice of banoffee pie from Red Ribbon.. Mmmmmm.. YUMMY!!!
  • Why is it that my picture or headshot looks strange? Pangit ng pixels dito sa blogger. Mas maganda yung sa wordpress..
  • I have to buy a nice thick jacket for the cold weather in Palm Springs and San Francisco since that will be in our itinerary on our upcoming trip to US this March. Last time we checked, there's still snow in PS.
  • Posted a reply in N@W regarding places to shop in Hong Kong. I suddenly wanted to go back there. Paolo and I are in love with HK. If we could choose a country to move to, that will definitely be our top choice. Next would be Singapore.
  • Speaking of Singapore, sarap ng chicken hainanese and those dimsum with soup inside from that resto inside Takashimaya Mall. What's the name of that resto again?
  • Leah from N@W left a comment on my previous post and she mentioned about monetizing my blog. Hmmmm.. it really sounds so interesting? Do you really earn a lot from it? I think I may consider it.

Ooops! E! News is already starting.. Bye for now!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Domain not working

Finally decided to get my own domain yesterday so that I'll be more ganado to blog.. hehe.. Got the domain from wordpress for $15/year. Its quite more expensive than the ones being offered at yahoo which is around $9.95/year. I almost signed up for the ones offered at yahoo but I thought with the $5 difference, it wasn't worth it since the blog I have with wordpress will be automatically redirected to the domain I bought. But sadly, when I was trying to get started with it, it won't work!! WTF?!!! kakainis di ba?!! After paying for it, I can't get it to work.. Feeling ko I was scammed!

So what do I do now?!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Migrating from Wordpress

Today I've finally decided to migrate my blog from wordpress to blogger. I was thinking about it for days since its kinda nakakatamad to migrate my entries from one site to another. Since, I'm not doing much in the office today, I had the time to cut and paste my previous entries in wordpress (as if I had that many entries to begin with.. hehe). I still have to learn how blogger works though..

I had a previous blog here in blogger but decided to delete it. I made while I was still planning on our wedding two years ago. That time, I felt that was more appropriate in keeping a journal about updates on how we are planning our wedding. I now regret deleting that blog I had before :(

Anyway, 2 years after that first blog that I had, here I am again signing up for a blogger account. Its kinda hard to think of a name for the blog. I admire those bloggers that come up with interesting names for their blog. I hope that by doing this blogging thing, I can sharpen my writing skills...

On Bikram Yoga

Last Saturday, Katz and Jill (my highshool friends) were convincing me to get into Bikram Yoga. They were telling me how lighter and flexible they feel after getting on it. I was somehow convinced that this could be the exercise for me.
So, this morning, I researched about this kind of yoga and came across Bikram Yoga Manila’s site ( They claim that their students can achieve weight loss, improve flexibility, muscle tone, skin tone and circulation. They also say that ”fat is replaced by muscle which means that weight measurement on a scaledoes not change but the appearance and feeling of fitness is gained”. They have a studio in Tomas Morato and their rates starts at P5,000 for 30 days, unlimited sessions. They have a rate for beginners for P1,000 good for 3 sessions that you have to “consume” within 7 days. If you decide to continue, you can upgrade tp their unlimited sessions for 30 days and just pay the P4,000 difference. Sounds like its really a good deal.
I’ll try to convince myself more if I could make this “commitment” to Bikram Yoga. I still have more than a month to think about it since I plan to start with it after our US trip this March. I also hope that Paolo would allow me.

**Published on my wordpress site on 17 February 2008

My not-so-great day

After my sick leave yesterday for a check up with my OB (again..), I went back to work today. I had a lot of reports due ASAP and this really drained me. Haven’t experienced this kind of work related stress for sometime but I’m not saying I’m missed it.. I think it just got me preoccupied for a good 8 hours so as not to stress myself in thinking about getting pregnant and some other issues that I am facing right now.
Anyway, I still went home early, finished or not. I don’t think staying in the office to finish some not so important papers is worth it over time that should be spent at home. So after checking my yahoo mail which I wasn’t able to do when I was in the office, finally found time to blog again.
So what are the issues I’m facing right now?? secret na muna at baka matawa lang kayo sa issues ko.. its a bit petty I must admit but it really bothers me a lot.
That’s it for now. Have to watch E! News in a bit..

**Published on my wordpress site on 13 February 2008

How My Saturday Went

I had a pretty hectic sched yesterday so that meant less time for me to catch up on loss hours of sleep! hehe..
I had to wake up at 8am to make sure I’ll be able to make it to my OB appointment at 10am. Just so you know, it takes for us (Paolo and me) an hour to an hour and a half to take a bath and dress up. Paolo takes at least 45 minutes in the shower to do all his rituals while on the other hand, I take a quick 15-minute shower in the mornings. Dressing up naman, Paolo is quick to dress up ako naman ang matagal since sometimes I still can’t decide what to wear and I have to put on my contacts, dry my hair, put on powder and lip gloss.. its harder being a girl you know! hehe
So anyway, we left the house at 9:45 since Paolo wanted to watch the first two quarters of his NBA game (he’s a fan of Portland Trailblazers). We got to the clinic at around 10:15 and there were around 6 patients who were ahead of us. I was seriously wishing that the result of my ultrasound would be “favorable” since this is my 4th round/cycle of clomid and I was really getting bothered that its really getting hard for us to get pregnant. When my turn came, for the first time, Paolo didn’t went with me inside the ultrasound room. I guess he was also scared of what the doctor might say. True enough, there was only one follicle big enough to ripen for ovulation and the lining of my uterus was still thin. This wasn’t a good sign.. The doctor prescribed me to take medicines/pills to thicken my uterine lining and pregnyl shots to help the mature follicles ripen and “burst” to release an egg.. Anyway, I’ll talk more about this Trying-to-Concieve (TTC) journey that we are going through in my coming entries..
After our OB appointment, we went to Trinoma to eat lunch. We had lunch at Sgt. Pepper Steak and I am highly recommending it! I had the Beef Terriyaki Pepper Rice (I’m really not sure what its called) while Paolo ordered their rib eye steak. Its relatively cheap too.. I just wish they had more viands and sushi in their menu. We will definitely go back there..
I also bought my gift for the bridal shower of my very good friend Monette, that we (take note, WE meaning kasama ko asawa ko.. hehe) will attend that evening at Richmonde Hotel. I bought her 2 cute thong undies from Topshop. I hope she will use it come her wedding night! hehe..
After that, we went home since I still wanted to take my afternoon nap. Obviously, deprived talaga ako sa tulog.. Woke up at around 4pm to get ready for the anticipated Sunday mass at 5pm. Ayun, as usual, we were rushing again to leave the house to make sure we’d still be able to make at least to the gospel part. Mas vain kasi si Paolo sa akin kaya naman when we’re going to parties or gimiks with friends, he always wants me to check what he’s wearing..
After the mass, we went straight to Richmonde. It was still kinda early and wala masyado traffic so relax lang ang driving ni Paolo. When we got there, Jill, Cathy (monette’s sister) greeted us and the first official visitor to arrive was Miren. I was happy to see her again after her wedding so we exchanged our “married life” stories and the adjustments that we were going through. Soon after, Leah and Francis arrived then Jol then Katz. We had a yummy dinner c/o Jill. She bought roast beef, lasagna, paella from Conti’s and Cathy whipped up her yummy meatballs spaghetti. The best part of it all was the dessert ofcourse. Couldn’t resist the mango bravo from Conti’s. Sobrang yummy talaga!
After dinner, we had games for the shower, making a bridal gown out of tissue paper, pin the birdie and photo scavenger hunt. It was my first time to play photo scavenger hunt. The objective of the game was to take pictures of scenarios that were on the list. Some were easy and some were nakakahiya to do but we had a blast doing it. Sobrang napagod kami kakatawa na after playing it, napaos talaga ako. Then after the games, kwentuhan na lang kami until 1am. I’ll post pictures soon..
So there it is, that was how my Saturday went.. how did your Saturday go?

**Published on my wordpress site on 10 February 2008

My First Entry

I’ve decided to finally start my very own blog.. I guess I need to sharpen my writing skills. Its been a while since I wrote about my thoughts. The last time I did some kind of blogging was when I was preparing for our wedding.
Anyway, I still need to learn more about this new hobby. I need to learn more on how to make this blog more interesting and “eye catching”. So to all you veteran bloggers out there, please share with me your knowledge, opinions on how I can be a better blogger..

**Published on my wordpress site on 08 February 2008