Saturday, January 24, 2009

We're Having A Boy!!

On my fourth month check up, my OB told us that we were having a boy. After checking for all the other body parts, she went back to capture "proof" that our baby is a boy when he became shy and closed his legs. My OB then decided to wait for my next check up to confirm and print an ultrasound picture.

Here he is....

Last christmas, our baby already received gifts eventhough he's still in my tummy. The wife of my cousin who is also our ninang when Paolo and I got married sent this all the way from the Netherlands. She's really so sweet and she's more excited for the baby than I am!

Ofcourse, the proud and excited daddy bought this one for his junior.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Thanks Pat for this! =)

The rule:I need to list 5 addictions that I have and pass this tag/award to 5 more fabulous blogs

My addictions:
  1. Pregnancy - reading a lot of books to know more about what to expect
  2. My Baby - now that I feel it moving, I'm excited to finally be a mom
  3. Baby Stuff - that's all that I've been checking on the net lately. No bags, shoes and clothes for now.
  4. Desserts - my appetite for it is back. I hope I won't gain weight too much!!
  5. Blogging - not now but I hope to find time more for it so I can properly chronicle my pregnancy