Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My New Lunch Date

I look forward to this treat everyday. Its a healthier alternative for my Starbucks Frap cravings whenever I want something sweet (and sour) and cold. Its fat free and has few calories plus I get my fruit serving requirements. I usually top it with strawberries, mango and banana to complement the creamy sweet and sour taste. Good thing they have it at Hobbes and Landes at Greenbelt 5 which is just walking distance from my office. Sometimes though when Paolo is not able to join me for lunch, I would get really tamad to go out and walk since the heat outside is really terrible.

I've also tried Red Mango at Trinoma and its just as good. Though the center of the yougurt "twist" was hollow so it was kinda bitin.

I also wanna try White Hat but when I checked, they only have a store in Mall of Asia. I do hope though they will open one here in Makati or QC area.