Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm Back!

Well.. was actually here since Monday morning. I was busy fixing stuff that we bought and separating the pasalubongs for family, friends and officemates.

The weather is so HOT!!! not even warm, but hot! I get tired easily. I think I may be out of shape too but I think its more of the hot weather.

Monday afternoon, I called our home-service massage. I felt that I badly needed it. All the walking we did and the 15-hour flight back home was just too much for me. It was one of the best massages I had! I felt so relaxed that I dozed off. Before I knew it, the massage was over and I just heard the masahista leaving our room. Bitin! Haha! I dunno if it was the jetlag or I'm just so tired but I was asleep by 9:30pm. I was badly trying to fight the urge of sleeping in the afternoon coz I really wanted to be adjusted to Manila time immediately.

Tuesday: I was still on leave from work. I promised myself while I was still in the US that as soon as I get home, one of my priorities would be to pamper my hands and feet. Since the weather was cold in the US, my hands got really dry to the point that my knuckles cracked and got wounded. It was really bad. No hand cream or lotion could aid it! My feet on the other hand really needed to have a good scrubbing and polishing. So, Paolo and I headed off to Shangri-la mall. He also needed a haircut. He went to Bruno's and I went to Nail Spa. I got the Hand and Feet Bliss service. It was really divine! My hands and feet are soft and delicate again. I even got a nice manicure and pedicure. I picked a light, almost nude shade.. perfect for summer! Oh, and we also had a sumptous lunch at Mini Shabu-Shabu. I really missed that!

Today, I'm back to work. Back to reality again. I'm still busy catching up with my friends here in the office. Its actually nice to be back. Funny though but I missed them. I missed our lunch dates.. hehe..

I will be posting my "travel tips" on the other blog..

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Two weeks in California

We're now on our second week of our US trip and we have already visited Palm Springs, Universal Studios and ofcourse, the best part of it was the outlet shopping at Desert Hills Premium Outlets at Cabazon. If you look it up here, almost all designer brands can be found that are also in Woodbury in New York. I think the only store missing at Cabazon would be the outlet of Chanel. I think that they don't have those very expensive and luxe Chanel purses (which I hope to buy someday) but from what I've heard, they have shoes, clothes and small leather goods at discounted prices.

I must have gained like a gazillion pounds since we arrived. Paolo's tito is such a great cook and whips out the yummiest steaks, baked salmon and Japanese fried rice. We really don't eat out often since everyday is almost a feast here in their house. I've also tried In and Out burger animal style and its the best! Its really a must try if you're visiting the US..

That's it for now. We're going to Sea World in San Diego tomorrow!