Monday, February 18, 2008

How My Saturday Went

I had a pretty hectic sched yesterday so that meant less time for me to catch up on loss hours of sleep! hehe..
I had to wake up at 8am to make sure I’ll be able to make it to my OB appointment at 10am. Just so you know, it takes for us (Paolo and me) an hour to an hour and a half to take a bath and dress up. Paolo takes at least 45 minutes in the shower to do all his rituals while on the other hand, I take a quick 15-minute shower in the mornings. Dressing up naman, Paolo is quick to dress up ako naman ang matagal since sometimes I still can’t decide what to wear and I have to put on my contacts, dry my hair, put on powder and lip gloss.. its harder being a girl you know! hehe
So anyway, we left the house at 9:45 since Paolo wanted to watch the first two quarters of his NBA game (he’s a fan of Portland Trailblazers). We got to the clinic at around 10:15 and there were around 6 patients who were ahead of us. I was seriously wishing that the result of my ultrasound would be “favorable” since this is my 4th round/cycle of clomid and I was really getting bothered that its really getting hard for us to get pregnant. When my turn came, for the first time, Paolo didn’t went with me inside the ultrasound room. I guess he was also scared of what the doctor might say. True enough, there was only one follicle big enough to ripen for ovulation and the lining of my uterus was still thin. This wasn’t a good sign.. The doctor prescribed me to take medicines/pills to thicken my uterine lining and pregnyl shots to help the mature follicles ripen and “burst” to release an egg.. Anyway, I’ll talk more about this Trying-to-Concieve (TTC) journey that we are going through in my coming entries..
After our OB appointment, we went to Trinoma to eat lunch. We had lunch at Sgt. Pepper Steak and I am highly recommending it! I had the Beef Terriyaki Pepper Rice (I’m really not sure what its called) while Paolo ordered their rib eye steak. Its relatively cheap too.. I just wish they had more viands and sushi in their menu. We will definitely go back there..
I also bought my gift for the bridal shower of my very good friend Monette, that we (take note, WE meaning kasama ko asawa ko.. hehe) will attend that evening at Richmonde Hotel. I bought her 2 cute thong undies from Topshop. I hope she will use it come her wedding night! hehe..
After that, we went home since I still wanted to take my afternoon nap. Obviously, deprived talaga ako sa tulog.. Woke up at around 4pm to get ready for the anticipated Sunday mass at 5pm. Ayun, as usual, we were rushing again to leave the house to make sure we’d still be able to make at least to the gospel part. Mas vain kasi si Paolo sa akin kaya naman when we’re going to parties or gimiks with friends, he always wants me to check what he’s wearing..
After the mass, we went straight to Richmonde. It was still kinda early and wala masyado traffic so relax lang ang driving ni Paolo. When we got there, Jill, Cathy (monette’s sister) greeted us and the first official visitor to arrive was Miren. I was happy to see her again after her wedding so we exchanged our “married life” stories and the adjustments that we were going through. Soon after, Leah and Francis arrived then Jol then Katz. We had a yummy dinner c/o Jill. She bought roast beef, lasagna, paella from Conti’s and Cathy whipped up her yummy meatballs spaghetti. The best part of it all was the dessert ofcourse. Couldn’t resist the mango bravo from Conti’s. Sobrang yummy talaga!
After dinner, we had games for the shower, making a bridal gown out of tissue paper, pin the birdie and photo scavenger hunt. It was my first time to play photo scavenger hunt. The objective of the game was to take pictures of scenarios that were on the list. Some were easy and some were nakakahiya to do but we had a blast doing it. Sobrang napagod kami kakatawa na after playing it, napaos talaga ako. Then after the games, kwentuhan na lang kami until 1am. I’ll post pictures soon..
So there it is, that was how my Saturday went.. how did your Saturday go?

**Published on my wordpress site on 10 February 2008