Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Domain not working

Finally decided to get my own domain yesterday so that I'll be more ganado to blog.. hehe.. Got the domain from wordpress for $15/year. Its quite more expensive than the ones being offered at yahoo which is around $9.95/year. I almost signed up for the ones offered at yahoo but I thought with the $5 difference, it wasn't worth it since the blog I have with wordpress will be automatically redirected to the domain I bought. But sadly, when I was trying to get started with it, it won't work!! WTF?!!! kakainis di ba?!! After paying for it, I can't get it to work.. Feeling ko I was scammed!

So what do I do now?!!!


Anonymous said...

hi tracy. fellow n@wie here. :)

you should contact WP's support/customer service and tell them about your problem. i am sure they can help you out on this. very technical kasi ito and you have to do sometimes a little tweaking to get it working.

if you are planning to monetize your blog in the future, just want you to know that WP does not allow this even if you have your own domain with them. if you're not satisfied naman with their service, you can always ask for a refund, within a certain period (usually w/in 30 days).

hth! hope you can also join us at http://pinaybloggers.com. you can post all Q's you have related to blogging. hope to see u there soon! :)


Tinggay said...

hey tracy!! nikki here, left a note on your wordpress blog, you transferred na pala hehe :) hope all is doing well with you and paolo - my prayers go out to you for your treatments! :) mwah!

tracypamela said...

Leah (mrs. e),
Thanks for the advice. I plan to make a refund na lang. Sobrang hassle and its not worth it anymore..

Monetize my blog?? hmmm.. that sounds so interesting. How do i go about it? I will join pinaybloggers soon. Thanks

To Nikki, OMG!!!!!!! Congrats at preggy na kayo!! Sana kmi din ma-preggy na soon. I sooooo envy you!! and idol ko blog mo ha :) I hope to see you and Dan soon!