Monday, February 18, 2008

On Bikram Yoga

Last Saturday, Katz and Jill (my highshool friends) were convincing me to get into Bikram Yoga. They were telling me how lighter and flexible they feel after getting on it. I was somehow convinced that this could be the exercise for me.
So, this morning, I researched about this kind of yoga and came across Bikram Yoga Manila’s site ( They claim that their students can achieve weight loss, improve flexibility, muscle tone, skin tone and circulation. They also say that ”fat is replaced by muscle which means that weight measurement on a scaledoes not change but the appearance and feeling of fitness is gained”. They have a studio in Tomas Morato and their rates starts at P5,000 for 30 days, unlimited sessions. They have a rate for beginners for P1,000 good for 3 sessions that you have to “consume” within 7 days. If you decide to continue, you can upgrade tp their unlimited sessions for 30 days and just pay the P4,000 difference. Sounds like its really a good deal.
I’ll try to convince myself more if I could make this “commitment” to Bikram Yoga. I still have more than a month to think about it since I plan to start with it after our US trip this March. I also hope that Paolo would allow me.

**Published on my wordpress site on 17 February 2008