Sunday, February 24, 2008

Long Weekend

Yey! Its another long weekend and this means more time to blog, watch tv and sleep. So, how was my Saturday night? Hmmm.. I didn't go out with my friends. We were supposed to set a dinner so that Monette could give out her wedding invites but she just mailed it instead. I think a lot of us have plans already for the weekend kaya it didn't push through.

Anyway, we just had lunch at Saisaki yesterday. I was really looking forward to it since I was craving for their temaki and gyusaikoro steak. Paolo was teasing me that baka daw naglilihi na ko since I was unusually matakaw.. Well I hope this is it! But I'm still not expecting. It really breaks out heart everytime I get my period or we would have negative result in pregnancy tests.

After lunch, we went to Greenhills to have his phone unlocked. Globe gave him a phone for their loyalty program meaning he would be tied again to the plan for another 2 years. Unfortunately, the wala pang unlocking program for that particular model (its a Nokia). I, on the other hand was still looking for another pair of shades. I prefer a big, plastic one - very Jackie O, and my favorite brand is Gucci. I saw this pair with the horsebit logo with swarovski crystals on the temple and with black/gray gradient lense.. It was really to die for! But it was way beyond my budget! And then there was this Fendi pair which was 1/3 of the price of Gucci. It was a little bit bigger than the Gucci. Paolo likes the Gucci pair more than the Fendi one. I have to think it over and over if its worth splurging again into another pair of Gucci. I guess I still want to explore my choices meaning check out other malls.. hehe

We had our usual anticipated Saturday mass. Paolo had a game that night at Club 650 in Libis (Ateneo Basketball League). I decided to catch up on Gossip Girl. The DVD that Paolo bought for me was lacking 3 episodes to complete the first season. I decided to download the last 3 episodes from BitCommet. Since I was not able to burn it to a DVD copy, I just watched it sa laptop. I'll talk about Gossip Girl in a separate entry.. I just love the series.. Very OC! hehe

So there, that was how I spent my Saturday. I have to catch up now with CSI on AXN...