Monday, February 18, 2008

Migrating from Wordpress

Today I've finally decided to migrate my blog from wordpress to blogger. I was thinking about it for days since its kinda nakakatamad to migrate my entries from one site to another. Since, I'm not doing much in the office today, I had the time to cut and paste my previous entries in wordpress (as if I had that many entries to begin with.. hehe). I still have to learn how blogger works though..

I had a previous blog here in blogger but decided to delete it. I made while I was still planning on our wedding two years ago. That time, I felt that was more appropriate in keeping a journal about updates on how we are planning our wedding. I now regret deleting that blog I had before :(

Anyway, 2 years after that first blog that I had, here I am again signing up for a blogger account. Its kinda hard to think of a name for the blog. I admire those bloggers that come up with interesting names for their blog. I hope that by doing this blogging thing, I can sharpen my writing skills...