Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy, Excited, Nervous, Sad

Already paid for our airline tickets for our US trip. We're leaving on March 25 but might move it earlier to Marh 23. Gulo di ba? hehe.. but for me, the earlier, the better. Kung pwede nga lang sa holy week na eh kasi ganun din yun di ba.. but we have to follow a schedule kasi.

Since we're all set for our US trip, I'm soooooo excited to go shopping. I wanna see if I could afford some pieces from Kitson since I always watch it on E! News. Then for my cheap thrills: Forever21 and Wetseal. I'm also looking forward to H&M and Nordstrom Rack. And for the most exciting shopping experience, OUTLET STORES for brands like Ralph Lauren, Coach, Nine West just to name a few.

Could this be it??.... Are these the signs??...

These are just some of the questions that are in my mind. I won't divulge any info yet since baka maudlot but I really hope this one is for real na.

Got an email from Monette to break the news to us that Jill will be moving from Singapore to Canada. She's going to be so so far away. Unlike when she was still in Singapore where sometimes she would spend the long weekend here whenever she gets a break from work. Now, it'll be longer, harder and more expensive for her to come home. But I'm still happy for her coz that was what she always wanted (according to her email). So now, we're preparing for her despedida this Sunday.

Sobrang mixed emotions ako today....


Leah said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you tracy. good luck! :)


mari said...

hi tracy....
re: nervous -> m joining you in crossing your fingers (and toes na rin, to be sure :) i really hope that you HIT it na.