Friday, June 27, 2008

Jan's Coffee Break Ver. 1.24

My first time to join Jan's Coffee Break sessions.

How has the internet made wonders to your social life?
  • Friendster - i was able to get in touch with friends from grade school, high school, college, ex-officemates, friends from other schools that I've met before and friends from yahoo groups that I belong to. I can also check who's "stalking" me through the profile views option. Haha!
  • Multiply - Here, I am updated with what's going on with my friends through their picture. This is where I can upload hundreds and hundreds of pictures of parties like birthdays, showers (bridal and baby), weddings, travels, night-outs, etc. And just recently, I found this site to host a number of specialty shops.
  • Yahoo Messenger - i can chat with: friends in San Diego, New York and Canada, cousins in LA and Netherlands, my sister in QC, another friend whose office is just a few buildings away from mine and sometimes my mom when I catch her online which is just once every six months!
  • Google - search for information on anything under the sun. This is especially helpful on our TTC journey
  • Sites of my favorite brands to check their latest wares and make myself drool on them
  • Blogging, Reading other people's blogs