Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is it too early..

to plan for my little boy's baptism? I've been thinking of planning it now since I'm already halfway done shopping for baby essentials like bottles, teats, basic clothes and blankets. I got some gifts from friends when they gave me a baby shower (read all about it here) to add to my "must-haves" for the baby. My sister told me they will schedule another shower for me on my birthday (double celebration) or basta daw sometime in April. I hope matuloy sya :)

Another reason why I want to plan his baptism is to get my mind off my fears and anxieties of motherhood. There are so many things going on in my mind. I still get to sleep soundly at night although there are times that I wake up to bad dreams. Maybe this of its manifestations.

I am so scared of many things... taking care of a newborn, not being able to breast feed as much as I want to, the sleepless nights, stretchmarks and getting fat and ugly (ok, the last three are really so vain of me. Blame it on the extra surge of hormones perhaps?).

On the other hand, I'm also excited to be a mom and to see my baby. I had a check up last monday and we already saw our baby's face in the ultrasound (2d nga lang). He has chubby cheeks but quite a big nose! My mom and my OB assured me that it will still change. He's doing very well. All results are normal and his kicking activities are getting stronger and more frequent. I am also happy that I only gained 3 pounds since my last check up. I felt so relieved since I was always pigging out and eating the not-so-good stuff the past few days.

Now, I am looking forward for our FREE 4D ultrasound. My OB told me that she will inform me of the schedule of the demo for the 4D ultrasound machine that she plans to buy. I hope that I will be free, better yet, I HAVE to make myself free on that day. I'm so excited! I can't wait!!

Is it me or is the weather getting hotter the past few days? This makes me crave for more fruit shakes and Starbucks frap (I know all these sugar is bad!!).

What's your plan for summer? Looks like mine will be boring..


Gracie said...

hi tracy,
i guess it's pretty ok to plan ahead. ako nga not even 2 weeks shy of getting to the halfway stage naiisip ko na yan. i believe we have the same reasons - to take our minds off the anxieties. (although added to my reasons is the fact that i need to plan ahead for our holidays so i can inform my employer). lapit ka na Tracy, and it's good to know that things are going well with you & your li'l one. take care!

tracypamela said...

Hi Gracie, ya, i need all the distractions I could get! Takot na takot na ko manganak! feeling ko di ko kakayanin! Haha! Share mo your baptism plans then let's compare notes.

Hope everything is going well with your pregnancy :)

Tinggay said...

ok lang to plan no - i did the same since i wanted to make sure i got the suppliers i wanted since my binyag was in nov and i know medyo peak month siya :) lapit na!!