Wednesday, March 18, 2009

His Firstborn

that's what I like to call it but he calls it his newest "toy".. a very expensive one at that! He really spends most of his time on the internet to look and buy accessories to "dress" it up that my baby and I are already ignored... exag! haha!

Meet "Sparking Graphite"

THE REAL FIRSTBORN (hehe) will have his free 4D ultrasound today. We wish he will show his face kasi sayang naman if not. Will post pics soon!!


Gracie said...

nice car! aba, preparing din naman pala si Paolo for your little one. he bought a nice car for the coming baby :)

tracypamela said...

Naku Gracie, we have to take our SUV when we're bringing our baby. Masyado maarte yun sa new toy nya :)

Kelly said...