Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Movie Night on a Monday?!

Yes, it was a movie date with Paolo at Trinoma last night to watch Iron Man. We usually do this on a Friday or Saturday when we don't have plans with my friends but yesterday, I was surprised when he called me up while driving on my way home from the office asking me if I wanted to catch the 7:30 pm screening at Trinoma. Ofcourse I said yes even if my stomach was feeling a little upset. I like it when he's spontaneous so I took advantage of it! Haha!

I just took a quick shower to freshen up then we headed off for Trinoma which is just 5-10mins away from our place. He bought the tickets and I bought food to bring inside the cinema. My choice that night was Taters since I was craving for their white cheddar nacho chips while Paolo had the regular nachos with toppings of beef and cheese.

We finally settled into our assigned seats, watched the trailers of upcoming movies then the movie started na. My gosh, umpisa pa lang ng movie, it was so action-packed na! Ang galing ng effects and the story was kinda realistic since the setting was the war in Afghanistan.

Anyway, they shot some scenes that we got to visit while in the US. One of the scenes that made me so kilig was the one shot at at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA. It was the scene where Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) had a charity ball. Wala lang, ang saya lang coz I got to see and be in the places where some scenes were taken.

Picture from a scene in Iron Man. That's Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark) coming down from the car

This is us.. hehe

I highly recommed the film. Ang galing kasi unlike Superman or Spiderman, Iron Man has no special powers or is no super human being. His power was just his sheer ingenuity. Ang galing! If you haven't watched it, better do so..


shopaholictiestheknot said...

i agree! i like ironman more because he has no super powers. same tayo, we also live 5-10 mins away from trinoma. : )

tracypamela said...

Hey Pat! Ang galing naman kasi talaga ni Iron Man di ba. So, where do you live? We live in North Susana village along Commonwealth