Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm one of them

I finally joined the bandwagon of paid blogging. I was inspired by the bloggers who have earned a significant amount of money thru this method.

After weeks of contemplating if I will join or not, I decided to signed up at PayPerPost and grab the chance or opportunity to earn extra money to be able to buy some more of my little luxuries in life. I submitted my blog and it was approved right away! I never thought it would be that fast and easy. From what I have read from other bloggers, PayPerPost has the most and frequent new opportunities for paid blogging. The website is also very simple and easy to understand. I also like the way they inform the bloggers of the events or any updates that are very helpful and relevant to their users.

I hope I can qualify for the open opportunities soon. I'm so excited to write about topics that are interesting and applicable for me. This would also be the perfect chance to share and write about some insights on topics that I somehow forget to talk about. I know that this will also be a learning venue for me as well as for those who regularly read my blog.