Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One Month Old

My blog is now officially one month old!! Wow, ang bilis.. I never thought I could post this much within a months time..

So, how am I after a month? Hmm.. nothing changed that much. We're still TTC after my 2nd round of Clomid.. I'm still not losing hope..

Anyway, how was my weekend? We spent Saturday night at Spiral for a "send-off" dinner kasi some of us are going abroad for vacation of some sort. Kami ni Paolo sa US, Monette and Pat will be going to Europe for their honeymoon and Katz will be in Boston for an immersion or something. We'll see each other again after April 20 na. It was also Benjo's birthday and he brought along his new toy.. a brand new Canon DSLR with the lens care of his Kuya Lem (Karl of Fotogra Weddings). Here are some pics from our dinner:

Obviously enjoying our food..

Paolo loves this shot.. Pang ad daw! Haha!

A "surprise kiss" shot.. Seriously, nobody thought I'd do this kasi I was just passing by on my way to the washroom

My Hand.. paying for the overly-priced drink!

Lastly, my solo shot.. Semi-candid yan! Hahaha!!
The food was great especially the desserts. Nothing new though. I wish they have tepanyaki ice cream like the ones at Heat and Seven Corners. Lugi na ko sa buffet coz I have a small appetite na. We also noticed that their prices increased na. Before we would only pay around P1,800 for 2 (we have discount/membership card) pero now, its almost P2,200 plus drinks. Pero sulit pa din kasi masaya naman si hubby.. hehe..