Monday, March 24, 2008

I feel..

so REFRESHED! after the Holy Week. We just stayed home last Thursday to pack our stuff, visited my parents on Friday then went to Shangri-la mall on Saturday to have lunch. We were supposed to eat at Steak Town but it was closed so we tried Sumosam for a change. The food was so-so and the price was unreasonable. We just had California Maki, Tempura, Beef Tepanyaki and we shared a cup of Japanese fried Rice and we paid P1,200.. we felt it was too overpriced!

We're all set for our 10pm flight tomorrow to Los Angeles. I'm so excited! Haha! I was still planning to go to work tomorrow since I can leave the office by 4pm but Paolo told me not to go to the office anymore coz I might leave some important stuff and it will be hard to go back home. As I said in my other post, I was the one who did the packing so I know where everything is.

Anyway, it will be a busy day for me today since I will be turning over some work and need to schedule payments on my cards and utilities. Thank God for online banking!!