Monday, November 10, 2008

45 Days to go till Christmas

I haven't started with my shopping yet. Wait, I haven't even made a list! Usually, I would already start shopping by mid-November to still get some of the "good" stuff. I noticed kasi that by the first week of December, almost all the nice stuff are already gone especially clothes and shoes. Ako pa naman, it has been a tradition for me (and my whole family) to wear something new for Christmas eve, Christmas day and New Year's eve. Those are the parties and reunions kasi so we really dress up for it.

Anyway, I gotta start moving. I've only got a handful of inaanak and pamangkin so it won't really be that much of a problem. I just wanna make sure that I get my parents and sisters really nice gifts. As for Paolo's gift, hindi pa ba enough that I'm finally giving him a baby?!! Seriously, I still don't know what to get him and kahit sya, he doesn't know yet what he wants.

So, the hunt for the perfect dress(es) and shoes is on. I'll keep you posted.

Have you started with your Christmas shopping? Please share with me your good finds :)


Gracie said...

natawa naman ako with this post (about your gift to Paolo) :D it's really hard to think of gifts to give to our families pag Christmastime, no? well, i ended up buying them fragrances na lang. wala na 'kong maisip eh.

tracypamela said...

Haha! sinabi mo pa :)