Saturday, October 18, 2008

On A Short Vacation

I've been on bedrest since Tuesday after my check up last Monday. We already saw the heartbeat of the baby and he/she is doing really well. My doctor advised me to be on bedrest for at least 2 weeks until my next check up just make sure that the baby and I will be ok. To date, the baby is now 7 weeks and 2 days old and as of the last TVU, the baby measures 6.6mm and the cardiac activity is 136 beats per minute. And according to the ultrasound result, it will be a summer baby as I am due on June 4. That will be a great wedding anniversary present!

We're really so excited and Paolo is so kind to give in to whatever I crave for. So far, no weird cravings yet. All I want is Pescattora pasta from Cibo, Sandwiches from Pancake House and Sukiyaki soup. So whenever Paolo gets home from work, I always have a pasalubong from him.

So far, I'm not yet bored staying just at home. For someone like me who's used to trekking the concrete jungle of Makati five times a week, this is really a breather. I'm enjoying being a bum and a SAHW. I just watch TV and fight off the nausea by sleeping.

So far so good... Just one more week of bedrest so I really need to take advantage of that!


jan celiz-magtoto said...

be hoping you & your baby will be healthy! silip ka dito

Tinggay said...

go go go! ako i didn't have any particular craving, pero lagi akong merong gustong food. pao's doing a good job of bringing you home food, ako ganun din with dan hehehe! try to eat healthy also, since most women don't gain during their first trim. :)

tracypamela said...

Thanks Jan! I'm gonna do your coffee break na :)

tracypamela said...

Hey Nikki! sarap talaga pag buntis noh? hehe.. talagang our wish is their command! Haha :) I'm trying to eat as much as i can pero talagang nawawala appetite ko after a few bites. just one more month to go and hopefully, mawala na ang nausea

mm said...

take care and enjoy ur pregnancy=)