Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Long Weekend

Was packed! But I was still able to catch up on my lost hours of sleep.

Saturday: Practically spent the whole morning sleeping. Afternoon, we (Me, Paolo and his dad) had to go to Lipa Batangas. Paolo's tito passed away so we had to go there to attend the wake. Traffic was really bad that it took us 4 hours to reach Lipa. We left our house at around 4pm and arrived past 8 na. We were so hungry by then so we had to eat dinner first at a nearby restaurant before heading to the cathedral where the wake was. When we arrived at around 9pm, most of the people already left. Paolo's mom had already been complaining that ang tagal daw namin dumating. We stayed there till 11.. mas matagal pa yung travel time namin than the time we actually stayed at the wake. Balikan lang kami so we had to leave din early since we were going back the next day for the funeral.

Sunday: We had to wake up early since the funeral service will be at 12nn. Had to drag myself out of the bed coz I was still tired from that road trip yesterday. This time however, our travel was a lot lighter. There was little or no traffic at all at SLEX. It was raining during the service so Paolo and me opted to just stay in the car. We left Lipa at around 2 and had lunch at Pancake House in SLEX.

While we were there, as usual, the relatives were asking again if I was already pregnant. This is why I am already at the point where I am starting to dislike attending family affairs. We just responded to them that wala pa talaga and that we are "working" on it. This time, his cousin suggested "hilot". As I have written here, my mom is a doctor and being one, we were not raised to believe in this practice. No offense to the believers of hilot but nobody in our family had hilot. His cousin was claiming that another cousin who was trying to get preggy for almost a year had hilot and she got pregnant. Being "desperate", I told Paolo that we should give it a try. Maybe this was just what we needed. So maybe in the coming weeks, this manhihilot will be coming over to our house. I'll let you all know how it will turn out.

On a lighter note, Paolo and I decided to go on a vacation. A trip that will just be the two of us. In short, our long overdue honeymoon. For the past 2 years. our trips abroad and out of town were either with our friends, his family or mine. We are planning to go to Hong Kong on October 31 to November 2 to be exact. No confirmed bookings yet as we are still looking for hotels in Hong Kong and try to get our free tickets from PAL from our earned miles. We might squeeze in a day trip to Macau to check out their own version of Las Vegas. This will be a very exciting adventure!


Gracie said...

hi tracy!
i can totally relate to the family gatherings. kainis di ba? parang ang insensitive.

tracypamela said...

Hay Naku Gracie, sometimes talaga, I wanna go into hibernation na. Magpapakita na lang ako pag binyag na ng anak ko! Haha!

Tinggay said...

ako rin no - we had to endure "
the question" for a year and a half. what's worse is we were married july 2006, and i had a cousin who got married december 2006. so naturally, nung christmas reunion namin nung 2006, the titos and titas announced a "contest" na mauna magka anak and maka lalaki. eh my cousin had a honeymoon baby - so diba - si hubby was asar na asar, the next christmas reunion (2007), he wore a shirt that said LOSER para daw wala nang mang asar ahhahaha! little did we know that I'd test positive the following month. kaya ako, sa mga friends and relatives na kasal, i'm very supportive, di ko kinukulit kasi i know how that feels :)

Jody said...

I had a fair share of questions like that before. never ending! Ngayon naman, kailan susundan si Bianca? hello! magkasunod nga ayung 1st and 2nd eh. We weren't blessed rin right away after our wedding, more than 2 years and a half. Hay naku, wag mo na lang pansinin. Malay mo made in HK! Ang mahal ng hotels those times. I'm going on Oct 14-17.

Eto at may tag ako for you.


tracypamela said...

Nikki, natawa ako dun sa shirt ni dan na "loser" Haha!

tracypamela said...

Jody, i'm practicing now on how to ignore comments like that. malapit na din ang christmas tapos double pressure pa coz my cousin who got married last november is on the way na din. i'm sure, we'll be grilled na naman this year. then again who knows, maybe made in HK nga! ahaha! tama ka, mahal nga hotels during october. i read somewhere (or is it in your blog) na convention season dun ng october kaya peak rates sila. wala pa naman kami definite bookings kasi si Paolo din is busy with work. dami nila bigla projects so he can't commit on a date yet